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Welcome ToModzINC

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 recovery services for Playstation 4
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Welcome ToModzINC

GTA 5 Modded Money and Rp available for all platforms! GTA 5 modded outfits, modded cars, modded RUN available on select accounts!
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Welcome ToModzINC

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  • Fortnite services suspended. No one is likely to sell them. Beware.
  • Black ops 3 PS4 services on discount
  • Last ww2 account sold
  • GTA PS4 and XB1 accounts with fast run back in stock!
  • Always do your research, stay safe!
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  • GTA 5 FAQ:

    Why are the ps4 and xbox one accounts so expensive?
    New modded accounts can not be made. The demand is very high and the supply is limited. Thus, the price is high. It still is the best way to enjoy GTA online, as shark cards cost 100 USD for 8 million in game cash, whereas for 200 USD average, you can get over 300 million! Our accounts have 100 million to 2.5 trillion in game cash 🙂 

    Can I buy a ps3 or xbox 360 account and transfer my account to ps4 and xbox one?
    No, modded accounts can not be transferred. This is why accounts are now expensive. 

    Can I get my own account modded?
    GTA accounts can only be modded on PC, PS3 and XBOX 360. Other platforms can not have their accounts modded. 



    If I purchase the Black Ops 3 Modded Account / Unlock Service, will I lose my current Black Market weapons?
    No, you won't lose any of your Black Market weapons

    If I purchase the Black Ops 3 Modded Account / Unlock Service for Zombies, will I lose the liquid diviniums and gobblegums I have?
    No, you won't lose any of your gobblegums or the liquid diviniums you have.

    Can I get banned?
    With every modded service you purchase, there is always a risk of a ban which is something we all take. While I do your account, I do it as safe as posisble therefore reducing the risks of a ban. For my Black Ops 3 packages, not a single person got banned therefore the ban rate is very low

    Can I add attachments to the DLC Weapons thats included in your DLC Weapon Packages?
    Yes you can. The weapons will be in your tactical and lethal spots but you can still put attachments on them and use them like its a normal gun. I will tell you how to put attachments on them after your order has been completed


    What platform is v-bucks service available on?
    The v-bucks service is available for Xbox, PC, Nintendo and IOS. 

    What do I need to provide for v-bucks service? 
    We need your epic games ID which would include email and password. 

    How long does this service take?
    It can take upto 24 hours when we have a high level of demand but its usually done within 6 hours

    How do I know this is legit? 
    We have been selling accounts and services for 4 years! You can scroll to the bottom of the page to check our reviews and join our discord server! You can google us too! 

    How do I know you wont take my account?
    We can add vBucks to all accounts. Your account is of no value to us. Additionally, your account is safe as no one can change email IDs on epic games account!

    Returns & Refunds
    There are no returns/refunds. The only way I can possibly allow one is if the service didn't work or you purchased the wrong service. That's about it. I am able to do replacements the so in the rare occasion if a service went wrong i ll just redo it or replace it so don't worry.


    Thank you for shopping with us!

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